Friday, July 5, 2013

My Graduation Dinner

My graduation dinner was one of the most memorable evenings I have ever had! My entire family came  up to the mountains and we all went to Rowland's! I was with the people I love the most at one of the places I love the most. Below are just a few pictures from the night.
Our view before dinner. It had been raining, but luckily the clouds started breaking up when we got there.

This is the traditional place setting of Rowland's. You can also see my made-from-scratch margarita there ;) The second picture is of the "amuse." This is just something special the restaurant does for the guests.
This was my three course meal. I started with a restaurant favorite, the "Prawn." I then had Lamb for dinner and finished the night off with a chocolate torte (if I were still working there, I probably would have made that torte). The meal was outstanding and they even put a candle on my dessert to celebrate my graduation!  
Before I left, I went back into the kitchen to see everyone and they surprised me with a bottle of wine (which they all signed), and a free (second) dessert! Oh, how I miss being there!
Lastly, here I am with my lovely family! 

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mark lawrence said...

Pleased to know about your graduation party. Last week I arranged my sister’s course completion party at one of graceful Los Angeles venues. Hired an expert caterer to make excellent food and glad that he didn’t disappoint us.