Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wing Lei - Wynn: Encore

This was an outstanding dinner! It is the only Michelin Star awarded Asian restaurant in North America. It is located inside of Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort.

Our dinner started with this wine. he waiter said that it was Chinese tradition to have the wine before the meal.

I had never seen this kind of wine before: Bott Geyl Gerwurztraminer. It was delicious!

This was my mom's first course:
A very fruitful salad!

My brother and I had this soup to start with. It was crab and corn egg drop soup. Very good!

I bet your all wondering what this next plate even is...
Mom's dish:

*Chili Dungeness Crab                                                                                                                                                     Garlic, Sichuan Dried Chili, Scallions, Served in Shell 

She said it was really spicy and messy (as we could all tell)!

My brother had this:

*Grilled Sea Bass 38 
Lotus Root, Inoki Mushrooms, Spinach, Asparagus 

He said it was the best piece of fish he has ever had. This means a lot coming from him!

For our Dinner, my dad and I split this $88 dish.

*Imperial Peking Duck 
Carved Tableside 
Steamed Buns, Cucumber, Scallions, Hoisin Sauce 
Second Course – Diced Duck in Lettuce Cups 

This is a very special Chinese dish. First, the duck was "wheeled" to our table and carved right beside us!

Closer look at the duck!

Once most of the meat  was carved off the duck, the table side chef rolled up in these "Chinese tortillas" and served with a sweet Chinese sauce called Hoisin Sauce.

The meat that was left on the carcass was rolled back into the kitchen to me scrapped off and made into a third course of Lettuce Wraps.

Since we had to wait for this, my dad and I were nice enough to share our wraps with my mom and brother ;)

After this wonderful dinner, we left and finished up the night with fresh, hand scooped gelato, by the canals in the Venetian

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