Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Join My New Years Resolution Challenge

It's that time of year again...the time to make your New Years Resolution! Can you guess what the most common resolution is? You got it...weight loss. But, this year I would like for you to change your thoughts about weight loss. Instead of promising yourself to lose weight, why not promise yourself to get healthy? By changing your lifestyle and becoming more aware of your all around health, you will naturally lose weight. Not to mention, your entire body will feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle! This goes for anyone wanting to improve their overall health. 

This is going to be the start of my New Years Challenge. Starting on January 1st, I will be posting weekly nutrition tips and advice on how to eat healthy during our busy schedules. I will also post more on how to prepare delicious and nutritious foods while also maintaining an appropriate workout schedule. Balance is key!! Please feel free to comment and email me questions throughout the year to help you stay on track. Lets bring in 2015 the right way!!

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