Friday, February 13, 2015

Raleigh Bloggers' Valentine's Day Brunch

This past Sunday I was able to attend a Raleigh Bloggers' Brunch with some wonderful ladies at the Frill Clothing Office! It's so great being able to get together with people who have the same interests as you do. I'd like to thank Kate of Sara Kate Styling and Meghan of Champagne and Suburbs for their hard work in planning and coordinating the Brunch!

The brunch was delicious and definitely hit the spot for someone like me who has a never ending sweet tooth! We started the event with bubbly mimosas set up on an ever-so-cute cart, and followed those by indulging on an "entrĂ©e" of mini chicken and waffles with sweet sides of cronuts, rice crispies, raspberry tarts, frosting dipped pretzels, partaits, and fresh fruit! Thanks to Courtney, Andrea, Essense, Natalie, and Kierra for the desserts!

Also I'd like to give a huge shout out to Morgan of Morgan Caddell Photography for the photos and All She Wrote Notes for the cute calligraphy cards!


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Kate Steadman said...

Just thinking about it makes me smile! I had so much fun. Thank you for coming and those tarts you made were amazing!!

Sara Kate Styling