Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Years Resolution Challenge: How to stay on track while on the go

Sometimes we find ourselves busy and on the go throughout the day. When you know you're going to be busy, it is best to think ahead and plan out your meals and snacks. 

Try simple changes like these for saving calories when on-the-go:

1) Instead of ordering that indulgent caramel macchiato every morning, try substituting a hot green tea spiced sweetened with  honey and spiced with a dash of cinnamon. 

I got this large organic green tea for only $1.75 and added a touch of honey and dash of cinnamon
2) Or try packing yourself a handful of nuts so you won't be tempted to stop for a bag of chips. 

3) You could also prepare yourself a healthy and balanced dinner the night before so that when you come in and are starving, you won't accidentally overeat or be tempted to grab the first thing you see (usually something unhealthy).

*Try having making Lemon-Artichoke Hummus  or Homemade Chewy Granola Bars in advance for a healthy easy-to-grab snack!

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Sara Kate Styling said...

I couldn't agree more!! There is nothing I love more than a nice, simple Americano, I always try to bring something healthy like squash as a snack {so silly, I know} and you are so right about #3!! The times I wake up hungry are the "bad food days." Great advice, love.

Sara Kate Styling