Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Taste of Rio

In honor of the Rio Olympics, I went out to a Brazilian steak house, Brasa, in Brier Creek. Dining at one of these places is quite an experience. It's not every day that you have access to an all you can eat "cold bar" while being waited on by servers with swords of different meats. From chicken to beef to pork to lamb, I had access to 14 different cuts...a vegetarian's nightmare but a meat lover's dream!

Also since I was there, I had to try a Caipirinha...Brazil's national cocktail. Simple and refreshing with a nice taste of lime. 

Since I can't actually be in Rio to cheer on Team USA, spending a little time at this restaurant gave me a little taste of Brazilian culture here in NC. 

For a cool history lesson on the Caipirinha, check out "The Origin of Caipirinha," here!

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