Monday, September 29, 2014

National Coffee Day!

It's National Coffee Day! Celebrate by treating yourself to a quick and delicious mocha. 


One packet of Hot Cocoa mix
1 cup of milk
1 shot of espresso or strong brewed coffee
2 Tbsp of hot water

Start by brewing your espresso/strong coffee (I used my French press, but any method of brewing should work). While the coffee is brewing, heat 2 tbsp of hot water in a mug and stir in the hot cocoa mix. These ingredients should form a syrup-like chocolate mixture. Once the coffee is finished brewing, pour a shot (1 fl. oz.) of the coffee (or more if you prefer) into the mug with the chocolate syrup. Fill the rest of the mug with steamed milk (I used soy milk, but any type of milk will work).

Voil√†, you now have a delicious mocha!

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